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Photo source: Lachlan Clarke, Chadwicks, model/ photographer Angela Shallis and Sporteluxe.

Ever wondered what models get up to in their spare time? They exercise and keep healthy just like us. Healthy and toned is the new skinny and just recently I took the time to track down the most well-known model trainer in Melbourne, Lachlan Clarke from Body Psyche to talk to me about the key to sculpting a healthy, toned and lean physique that he is so well-known for. Forget about a treadmill or 12kg+ weights, its all about posture, dynamic exercises and a healthy psyche. And as for his model training secrets, well you’ll just have to book a session with him to find out.

Forget about a treadmill or 12kg+ weights, its all about posture, dynamic exercises and a healthy psyche.

Q: What is your motto?
A: The most important thing is to instil belief and confidence as everything else is a by product stemming from that. My business is called body psyche for that reason. Address the psyche first and your body will be a complete reflection of how you value yourself. A models body is no different to anyone else on the street, it’s just their bodies are their brand and a sleek brand presents more opportunities to become successful in an extremely saturated and competitive market.
Q: What are the top areas on the body that tend to be the focus for the models when they come to you?
A: Everyone wants to be tighter. Specifically its all about the inner thigh, butt and stomach. Skin tone and energy levels are also a constant talking point. The blueprint to get all that is incredibly simple.  Most girls tend to over complicate the process and have too many people instructing them on what works best.  I strip back the exercise load because volume is not the way to go. Quality is everything.
Q: Who are your top three models you have seen the best results with?
A: Well, I’d be no where without Chelsea Butler. She’s the first model I worked with and I’m incredibly grateful for what she helped me create. We have become really close friends and 2 1/2 years later we still have a great dynamic working together.
 Melody Le is without a doubt  the girl I’m most proud of, watching her grow and develop over the past year has been amazing. I can’t begin to describe how good it makes me feel to say I’m her trainer. Such a quality person who has taught me so much.
Remember the name Stephanie Smith. The 19-year-old, Nutella loving girl is one of the hardest working models I train and has the commercial savviness to forge a big career in America.
Q: What is the best diet to maintain for a healthy body?
A: Without getting into specifics, it’s about understanding what your body needs in order to function well and look a certain way. The diet that works best is the one you can start and maintain for the rest of your life. Sweets are on the table for everyone. One dessert is not going to make you fat just like one quality breakfast is not going to you make you lean straight away. Having the control is the skill. No one should feel guilty eating a strawberry topped ice-cream pizza.
Q: Why is posture the number one key to a well toned body?
A:Posture is important in life not just exercise. No matter how much time you spend in the gym, if you’re doing it without understanding postural imbalances in a static position your body will breakdown.  If I went to any commercial gym and assessed everyone’s movement pattern form and posture keeping only those with correct technique, I might be left with 3 out of 100. It’s insane what some people are being taught. Full range of motion pelvic tilts are the perfect place to start. So many exercises are driven from the control at your hips and you can do these anywhere, anytime without any equipment.
Q: Your training involves a lot of Dynamic exercises, what is this?
A: Movement patterns performed with motion. Never statically stretch before as your body is designed to fire straight away, leave those until the end of your workout to help improve flexibility.
Q: Any plans for the future to move to Sydney? 
A:It’s on the radar for sure. I’m looking into options at the moment where I can base myself from Melbourne and travel weekly to Sydney. There are a lot of exciting people I’m working with at the moment in Sydney and it seems like the next natural progression for the body psyche brand.
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