Unlike many other forms of exercise, boxing is the one workout that will have your upper body ready for that cute spaghetti-strap summer dress you saw in the window last week. Keep reading…

Photographer: Chris Lew || Gym: Corporate Fight Gym || Model: Bianca Cheah || Tank top: Nike || Sports Bra: Nike || Water Bottle: Vie Active

Coming into summer, the number one concern for women is about looking toned and slender and getting rid of those flabby bingo wings that somehow appeared over winter. Yuck! So to achieve this defined slender look, you must mix high intensity cardio with high repetitions, and boxing is the perfect workout answer to this. Boxing provides a high intensity full body workout that¬†uses the large muscle groups which means more calorie and fat burning. Music to our ears! But it’s the quick ducking, weaving and punching repetitions that tend to tone and define the arm and torso area and not add bulk. Boxing will make you quicker, stronger and anaerobically fitter. A great workout for burning fat, toning the arms and building core strength.

Sporteluxe suggests: The Corporate Fight Gym that offers daily classes.


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