Ella Bache PR-Portraits-NS[4]

Photographer, Jez Smith || Staff writer, Bianca Cheah || Models, Annabella Barber, Kelsey Martinovich, Amanda Ware, Amelia Zadro and Pixie Levinson ||

Have you found yourself sitting in traffic staring at the latest billboard ad campaign by Ella Bache? Well you’re not alone, and like many of us we are all completely mesmerized by the sheer beauty of these top models featured in the image. Shot by celebrity fashion photographer Jez Smith, Ella Bache and Jez have created the skincare brands most controversial beautiful skin campaign to date.

With so much skin exposed you’re probably thinking how did these girls prepare to bare all for this shoot. Well Sporteluxe tracked down top aussie model Annabella Barber (model featured above to left) for a chat on how she looks after her skin and prepared for the Ella Bache Beautiful Skin campaign. Keep reading…

1. Annabella, you look absolutely beautiful in the new Ella Bache campaign. Tell me, how did you prepare for such an exposing photoshoot? Were you nervous?

I am lucky to be comfortable in my skin, I think it takes time as a woman to feel completely satisfied in who she is but I believe if you are happy on the inside then that is the most important thing. The Ella Bache team and energy on the day played a huge part in the result! They were amazing!

2. What kind of foods or diet did you follow in the lead up to the shoot? Are there any foods that you felt helped to make your skin look the way it does?

Lots of water, clean diet (avoid sugar) and a good dose of rest.

13. Do you have a favourite workout for this type of shoot?

I stay very healthy and fit all year round, it’s part of my lifestyle. I go to Elixr Gym six times a week to do a combination of Pilates Reformer, yoga and cardio.

If I have a big job (swimwear/lingerie) I also get help from my personal trainer JORDAN PONDOR (transformnutrition). he knows how to get my body in complete shape and is always giving me more knowledge on my nutrition.

3. How did you look after your skin in the lead up to the shoot?

Less is more and it’s super important to understand and get your skin diagnosed from a skilled Ella Bache therapist. If I am not shooting I like to give my skin a break and wear no up.

5. Do you have a favorite treat you like to reward yourself with?


9. Do you feel sleep and diet is a big factor in maintaining beautiful clear skin?

Such a big factor, your skin never lies!!!

12. And last question, blemishes we all hate them! Do you ever find you get bad skin and how do you deal with it?

Unfortunately it’s one of those things and no one is perfect, I am still trying to find the answer! I have been told DON’T PICK OR SQUEEZE!

14. What’s next for you in the world?

I have just moved into a beachside apartment in Sydney, lots of new things in the pipeline here but back to New York and Europe travels next year.


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