Met Centre Interior Renee, Lorna, Debbie

Image, Lorna Jane || Bianca Cheah, Staff writer

Sydney fans, keep your sneakers laced up and get your power walk on as Lorna Jane has just launched her brand new Sydney city flagship store that will bring active living to life.

Located at the MET centre, the launch of the new store saw many fans lined up and waiting to meet Lorna in person. Lorna posed with active living ambassadors and mingled with guests while enjoying the nourishing catering on offer. It also seemed the perfect time to get your own signed copy of Lorna’s book, MORE of the Fit Woman’s Secrets while checking out the endless walls of colourful Lorna Jane activewear. If you’re ever the city, then pop in for a sticky beak as the new Lorna Jane flagship store is a must to visit!


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