Blackmores Kaloba will improve recovery time of acute bronchitis and will relieve symptoms of acute bronchitis and sinusitis.

As winter is in full swing, it seems again this year that I have come down with a cold that has turned into a nasty heavy cough. The annoying part is that it’s hard to breathe which means I can’t exercise. Trust me I’ve tried to get out there and get the blood moving just a little bit, but sadly for me I’m always stopping to catch my breath or coughing up quite the bit of phlegm. Yuck. So for this time I’ve opted to finally listen to my mother to stay away from antibiotics since resistance is becoming increasingly widespread and to stay in bed, keep warm and dose up on the vitamins.

So, last week I researched and came home from the shops with a new product from Blackmores that I decided to try. It’s called the Blackmores Kaloba® Oral Liquid. The doctors say it will improve my recovery time of acute bronchitis and will relieve my symptoms of acute bronchitis and sinusitis. Get this, apparently 94% of Australians claim to suffer a cold, cough or flu at least two to three times a year and they are the most prevalent contagious illnesses in Australia. Anyway, I’m here to tell you that the Kaloba works. I was up and exercising within four days and best of all, my lungs were clear. So just a word of advice, don’t opt for antibiotics as treatment as they kill all the good and the bad in your body, go natural and try Kaloba. You can find Kaloba in pharmacies and selected health food stores for $9.95 for 20mL, $19.95 for 50mL. If you want to read more, head to their website

Photo by Chris Lew.



For all you asthma sufferers like myself who exercise and end up tight chested and wheezing, Blackmores has just announced some exciting new research that could very well lay all our exercise induced asthma troubles to ease.

Green lipped mussel oil can improve lung function by up to 57% and reduce the need for medication

Green-lipped mussel oil which is the key ingredient in the Blackmores Lyprinol may play a role in boosting our sports performance by improving our lung function by up to 57%. Lead researcher and Olympic triathlete Professor Tim Mickiebourough’s research shows a diet supplemented with the green lipped mussel oil can improve our lung function and reduce our medication use by up to 5-10 puffs per day. Continue reading