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Double the pro’s of protein

Want to trim off your muffin top and get abs like Jen Anniston? Listen up, doubling your recommended amount of protein while sticking to a healthy diet and exercise regime promotes fat loss and protects muscle.

US Army Researchers found that when fed twice the US recommended daily intake of protein – that’s 2x 46g for women and 2x 56g for men – over 31 days, the participants lost more fat and retained more muscle than those who ate the recommended amount. Pass the steak please.

But don’t go overboard when munching on meat as tripling the amount of protein gave no extra benefits. Damn.



Do you run laps around a park or run kms on the treadmill at the same pace in hope to burn those extra kilos that you put on over winter? Well stop right now, as it’s most probably doing nothing for you except conditioning your fitness.

To burn fat you must combine high intensity cardio mixed with resistance to see results. Read fitness guru Cam Davis’s tips on how to burn fat fast with running.

Photography by CHRIS LEW || Fitness Guru CAM DAVIS || Model BIANCA CHEAH || Location KURNELL || Crop top and tights by ADIDAS BY STELLA MCCARTNEY

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Here at the Sporteluxe office we love a personal trainer who is different from the rest. Someone who can can relate to us, how we move and what we want from training as a woman. So when we heard about Shannon and his love of practicing yoga and his unique training ways, we had to interview him for you. Ladies and gentleman meet Shannon, Sporteluxe’s personal trainer of the week.

Photographer: CHRIS LAING || Personal Trainer SHANNON || Studio FLOW ATHLETIC || Written by BIANCA CHEAH

Shannon profileGym of choice: Flow Athletic

Do you have a favourite workout: Kettlebell complexes

What is the number one area that your clients always ask you to train: Their legs and abs.

Do you have a daily quote you always live by?: Decide what you want – then make it happen

What are your tips for toning the stomach: Combine TRX and kettle bell exercises for a well-toned ab area.

Are you training any celebrities at the moment: Currently training Connie Mitchell and Bambi Northwood – Blyth

What are your favourite shoes to train in: Nike free 3.0

Sunrise or Sunset workout? Sunrise

We all love our pasta, so when is the best time to eat it?: Depends on your training goals, if your goal is fat loss then pasta should be a once or twice a week treat. Unprocessed carbs are so much better.

Any tips? Balance – don’t overtrain

Quick profile: Shannon is very experienced in strength and conditioning training. Shannon also practices a lot of yoga and uses his knowledge of all these components of training to help his clients reach their strengthening, toning and fat loss goals, while at the same time making sure they improve their mobility and flexibility as well.

Keen to try out a session with Shannon? Then send him a quick email at shannon@flowathletic.com for session dates and times.


Flow Athletic’s Bike Asana is the perfect class for anyone looking to tone, lose weight and gain strength and flexibility.

“We created Bike Asana to combine the benefits of a spin class and a yoga class in the one time efficient session” Says Ben Lucas, co-founder of Flow Athletic. From a spin turbo charged calorie burn then to a yoga session, clients can expect to tone their thighs, glutes and calf muscles whilst gaining overall strength, flexibility and balance in the one workout. “It maximises all other forms of training and is a great all-rounder for fitness, weight loss and over toning” says Ben.

The Bike Asana classes are held every day and run for 1 hour consisting of 30mins on the bike followed by 30mins on the yoga mat. A truly unique & well-balanced workout.

Located at Level 1, 134 Oxford Street, Paddington, clients can be inspired by the glowing staircase of wise words. and once inside you will be mesmerised by the luxurious tranquil ambiance of the studio and the staff. Sweaty and have to run off to work? Then pop into the beautiful bathroom and change rooms where GHD hair dryers and Aesop hand soap and balms await you.

For Flow Athletic Bike Asana timetables click here www.flowathletic.com.au/timetable, For membership enquiries click here www.flowathletic.com.au/membership and for all other enquiries click here www.flowathletic.com.au/contact-us

Photo’s by Flow Athletic.


Gwyneth Paltrow, award-winning actress launches a gluten-free cook book filled with delicious recipes of foods that she eats when she wants to look good, feel energetic and lose weight.

After being diagnosed with anaemia and having a Vitamin D deficiency with soaring stress levels, Gwyneth was prescribed by the doctor a diet of eliminating foods of no coffee, dairy, eggs, sugar, shellfish, meat, soy and wheat to clear out her system and help her body heal. Basically a diet of absolutely no processed foods. With so many restrictions on her diet, Gwyneth joined forces with Julia Turshen to create a recipe book of 185 delicious and easy recipes following her doctors guidelines to help her recover and heal. And here she is today happy and healthy with a best-selling book and diet to thank for. You too can look good and feel this great by following Gwyneth’s easy and delicious recipes from here at Amazon.com